Peter Smith, Director of Music
Phone: 202-492-3022

Children's Choir (Age 7 to 12)
Our Children's Choir leads singing at the 9:00am Mass. Rehearsals are most Thursdays from 4:30 to 5:30 pm in the Church.

Contemporary Music Group
At 10:30am Mass, the liturgy is celebrated with contemporary music led by Isaac Schiller (, with the contemporary music choir. Rehearsals are Thursday evenings in the Church from 6-7 pm.  New members are welcome.

Adult Choir
Our Adult Choir provides musical leadership at the Noon Mass on Sundays and on feast days. No experience required, just a love for church music, and the ability to sing in tune. Rehearsals are on most Thursdays from 7:15-8:45pm in the church.

Youth Choir (Age 13 to 17)
Our Youth Choir includes singers and instrumentalists who lead the music at the 5:00pm Saturday Vigil Mass. Rehearsals are at 4:30pm on Saturdays in the church.

We are always looking for those who can contribute to the liturgy with their musical gifts (flute, violin, trumpet, saxophone, guitar, etc.).

The Holy Cross Music Ministry program seeks to serve the community’s expression of faith whenever the parish family gathers for worship. Music at worship enhances and fosters our community’s efforts to participate more fully in the liturgical celebrations of the Church. To carry out this purpose, many committed and faith-filled music-makers are needed. Singers and instrumentalists whose love for God and for the sound of an Assembly singing are welcomed and offered a variety of opportunities to develop their musical skills and their abilities to provide prayerful leadership to the song of our faith community at prayer.

Qui cantat, bis orat.
    - "He who sings, prays twice."