Want to Meet Other Young Families in the Parish?

Bring your children to Children’s Liturgy at the 9:00am Mass on Sunday (check church website for specific dates).  We are a dynamic, multi-cultural community of parents who support each other in raising children of faith. Children's Liturgy of the Word provides a space for children to hear the word of God in a way they can understand, appreciate and connect with through imagination, movement and song. Children ages 5 through 2nd grade are welcome to attend as well as their parents. Younger children are also welcome with a parent. No registration is necessary. The group is called up to the front of the church after the Gloria for a blessing, walks over to the art/music cabin to the left of the church, and returns to the church at the presentation of the gifts for the Liturgy of the Eucharist and the rest of Mass. To added to our email list please visit https://new.flocknote.com/holycrosschurchgp/ChildrensLiturgy.